Liza Auerbach, PhD

Staff Psychologist

Areas of Interest: 

Approach to Therapy:

I value the importance of meeting individuals where they are and assisting them in identifying and moving beyond barriers to living the lives they want to lead, growing into the people they want to be, and creating relationships in their lives that sustain them.  I utilize an integrative approach focused on matching treatment to the individual’s worldview, strengths, and targets of change.



I have a strong background working to help people in their recovery process who have serious mental health concerns (mood, trauma, thought, anxiety, substance use, and personality disorders), working with couples and individuals in addressing relationship patterns and shifting into styles of relating with others that allow for mutually fulfilling connections, and assisting individuals in identity exploration and development.


Therapeutic modalities:

I integrate elements of attachment theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, depth psychology, existential psychology, humanistic psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience within a wellness and recovery framework in my work with individuals and couples.

Liaison Roles and Committee Memberships: 
Liaison to: RAMP, Registrar's Office, 12-step programs
PhD, Clinical Psychology, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University
Liza Auerbach, PhD
BSS 208