Crisis Intervention

Crisis Services

If you are in crisis at the time you come in to CAPS, you should ask to meet with the crisis therapist rather than scheduling an appointment.

Generally, a crisis entails one or more of the following:

  1. Having experienced a recent physical or sexual assault or another significant trauma.
  2. Your life is currently in danger (for example, due to domestic violence, recent homelessness, alcohol or other drug withdrawal).
  3. Having intention or plans of hurting or killing yourself or someone else. (Or concern about someone else's suicidal thoughts or behaviors).
  4. Losing touch with reality or having otherwise disturbing experiences or behaviors (such as hearing or seeing things that others do not).

We are happy to meet with you to focus on the crisis at hand and help you manage your discomfort and develop a plan.  CAPS has a therapist "on-call" during all of our open hours for just such crises.  When we are closed, you may still talk to a therapist by phone at our main line at 707-826-3236.