TimelyCare: Expanded Telehealth for Humboldt Students

Student Health and Wellbeing Services (SWHS) has partnered with a telehealth service called TimelyCare to broaden our reach. This means medical and mental health services are available no matter where you live within the U.S. and extend into the periods when Humboldt's SHWS are closed, particularly helpful during long winter and summer breaks.

What services does TimelyCare provide?

  • 24/7 TalkNow Support (Unlimited on demand emotional support)
  • Scheduled Individual Counseling (12 sessions per calendar year). 

  • Psychiatry (upon referral from a SHWS provider)

  • Medical Services (on demand and scheduled)

  • Health Coaching

  • Group Sessions in Guided Meditation and Yoga & Workshops

  • Peer Community Support


How do I access TimelyCare Services?

Go to timelycare.com/calpolyhumboldt to register with your name and school email address. This will enable you to then schedule visits from any web-enabled device, smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Download the TimelyCare app to your smartphone by scanning the QR code below or search for TimelyCare in the Google Play or Apple's App Store.

QR code for TimelyCare app


When should I use TimelyCare for Mental Health?

  • For 24/7, on-demand emotional support, anytime day or night.

  • If you prefer to meet with a therapist virtually. Our CAPS clinic offers in-person services.

  • If you prefer to meet with a therapist in the evenings or weekends during the academic year.

  • For your mental health needs when CAPS is closed during holidays and school breaks.  

  • If you are currently residing outside the state of California and need counseling.

  • If you have particular needs or preferences that are better served by available TimelyCare clinicians (e.g., you prefer to meet with a counselor with specific identity variables that CAPS is unable to provide). You can search TimelyCare bios for info on their therapists. 

Sharing your Feedback about your experience with TimelyCare

Sharing your Feedback about your experience with TimelyCare

Giving Feedback to TimelyCare:

    • Clients may, with or without knowledge of staff, initiate a complaint or grievance directly by contacting the Customer Support Team through phone: 833-484-6359, chat or email: help@timely.md

    • The TimelyCare Quality Assurance Program Manager and/or their designee, will review and, as appropriate, resolve or facilitate resolution of complaints regarding the quality of patient care or services received within the system. It is the policy of TimelyCare to respond in a timely and thorough manner to any complaint or grievance made against the organization. Patient feedback, including complaints or grievances, are reviewed for opportunities for improvements and trends that may have led or could lead to a particular situation.

Giving Feedback to CAPS regarding TimelyCare:

    • We would love to hear your feedback.  Please share your thoughts by:

Contacting Dr. Elizabeth McCallion, CAPS Director, directly at eam162@humboldt.edu.

What does all of this mean?

What does all of this mean?

Whether you're under the weather, anxious or overwhelmed, you can talk to a mental health professional from your smartphone or any web-enabled device (through secure video visits or telephone) ANYTIME.

Some concerns require an in-person appointment.  If you require (or simply prefer) in-person care, you should make an appointment with a CAPS provider during our business hours.

What is the cost?

What is the cost?

The service is offered at no cost to our students. Regularly enrolled students are eligible.

How do the two services coordinate care?

How do the two services coordinate care?

If you meet with a TimelyCare provider during the academic year and it is determined that an in-person visit is needed, TimelyCare mental health clinicians will refer back to CAPS to transition your care whenever indicated or to supplement your care, for example with a CAPS group or case management services. Your providers at SHC will have documentation from your TimelyCare visits so that we can provide well coordinated and integrated care. 

When CAPS is closed (such as during university breaks) and you are receiving care through TimelyCare, there will be times when additional support is needed. TimelyCare providers can make community referrals as appropriate.