Department Information

Counseling Staff

For the 2019-20 year, the CAPS professional staff consists of a director, 10 permanent professional clinicians, 3.5 post-graduate residents, and several practicum students. Student Health and Counseling also has a case manager and full-time psychiatric services.  Much of CAPS' ability to provide brief psychotherapy to the student population is due to the presence on our staff of therapists in training.

The post-graduate residents have completed their graduate level coursework in clinical or counseling psychology. They are currently accumulating the field experience necessary for licensure as professional mental health pratcitoners (e.g., psychologists or marriage and family therapists).

CAPS serves as a practicum site for students completing their master's degrees in a mental health field.  CAPS practicum students come from HSU's Counseling Psychology or Social Work programs. Their experience at CAPS counts toward the completion of their master's degrees in their final year of coursework.

All post-graduate residents and practicum therapists work under the supervision of licensed therapists on staff. Our Training Director, Dr. Shane Calhoun coordinates post-graduate training and supervision. Contact Dr. Shane Calhoun if you have any questions about the residency program.  Our Practicum Coordinator, Johneen Manno, coordinates the training and supervision of practicum trainees.  Please contact her with any questions about the practicum program.


We provide short-term individual, couples, and group psychotherapy and counseling, workshops, crisis services, and assessment/referral services for enrolled HSU students.

Consultation services are also available to HSU faculty and staff who are dealing with difficult situations involving students. We are available to help with behavioral and emotional difficulties in- and outside of the classroom. Feel free to use us as a resource.

Please note that short-term therapy is not an appropriate solution for some problems. At times specialized or longer term counseling is indicated. We maintain an up-to-date list of local mental health practioners who indicate an interest in working with the HSU community. Please speak with a CAPS therapist for help in finding a community therapist and/or psychiatrist that will provide the best fit for your needs.

How to Get Started


If you are a student interested in participating in counseling, please come to SHC 205 or call 826-3236 to schedule an initial appointment. You will need to provide your HSU student ID number to the receptionist to verify your enrollment status (unless you qualify for CAPS services as a non-student; see CAPS main page for details regarding such exceptions). At the time of your actual appointment you will complete some CAPS start-up forms. Intake forms generally take 20-30 minutes, and SST or Crisis Session forms take about 15 minutes, to complete, so please arrive early for your appointment. If you are unsure what kind of appointment to request, see our Appointment Choice Chart.

Faculty & Staff

If you are interested in consulting with one of our providers (e.g., regarding a student in distress or a difficult classroom dynamic, etc.), please call our front desk (826-3236). If available, the on-call therapist will talk with you immediately. Otherwise, the on-call therapist will call you back at her/his earliest opportunity. If interested in scheduling a classroom presentation or workshop on a particular topic, please fill out an Outreach Request Form. Alternatively, you can leave a voice message for our Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth McCallion, Ph.D. Either way, Dr. McCallion will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your request.