Groups & Workshops Offered Remotely by Zoom

Spring 2022 

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ADHD Culture, Lifestyle, and Skills Group

Managing ADHD or attention difficulties can be tough since it is not a struggle that is outwardly apparent and because symptoms show up a bit differently for everyone.  Join us to get some support around managing your symptoms so that it doesn't interfere with your academics.  We also practice brain-training strategies to help lengthen your attention span and sharpen your focus.  No diagnosis needed!  Just give us a call and let us know you are planning to attend. Contact Shane Calhoun with any questions and for the location / Zoom link.

  • Day/Time: TBD
  • Email Shane for details

ADHD Skills Group 

This group focuses specifically on education and skill development to help manage symptoms related to ADHD.  Targeting issues like time blindness, burnout, anxiety, rejection sensitivity, masking behaviors, focus and motivation.  No diagnosis needed!  Just give us a call and let us know you are planning to attend. Contact Shane Calhoun with any questions and for the location / Zoom link.

Avenge Distorted Thoughts...of Anxiety and Depression

Would you like to learn how to avenge negative self-talk?  How about shielding yourself from the impact of racing thoughts?   

This 3 session workshop will focus on: the negative thoughts (cognitions) often associated with anxiety and depression, offer rational comebacks, ways of understanding and coping with anxiety/depression, and ways to reduce the most common symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact the CAPS office and schedule an appointment with one of our psychotherapists.

  • Section 1 is TBD.
  • Section 2 is TBD.
  • Click here to download the packet for ADT.
  • If you are having trouble dowloading the handouts, have any questions about the group, or need the location / Zoom link for the meetings, please contact Lisa Turay.
  • Note: A prior CAPS intake or SST session is required prior to joining the group

Mental Health Toolbox (MHT)

Whether described as Jedi mind tricks, or stress management, or tools for difficult emotions, this workshop has consistently received great reviews from students who participated. You will be guided through a process that has helped students across several CSU campuses walk away with their own toolbox of thought exercises that will give you a better sense of your personal values and how you want to focus your energy. This is a three-part series done best in order: Recognition, Insight, & Openness.  Only 1 hour a week for 3 weeks total!  No need to complete an intake appointment at CAPS in order to attend, just email us in advance for the zoom link or contact us prior to the series to officially "sign up."  Download the MHT (RIO) Student Workbook before beginning.  If you sign up for a series, you will receive a link for the zoom  meeting through your SHC health portal about 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  You can email Lisa Turay if you have any questions.

Here are the start dates of each option.  The series will run for three weeks from the start date.

  • Section 1: TBD (for three weeks)
  • Section 2: TBD (for three weeks)
  • Section 3: TBD (for three weeks)

Mindful Living

Interested in learning some basic mindfulness meditation skills and practicing in a supportive setting? Mindfulness meditation can help reduce stress, stabilize your mood, increase compassion toward yourself and others, and enhance concentration. Each session consists of learning a new meditation skill (breath meditation, body scan, gentle yoga, etc.) and a group discussion. Contact Elizabeth McCallion if you have any questions.

  • Day/Time: TBD
  • If interested in joining (and for the zoom link), contact Elizabeth McCallion.
  • Each week will include a new mindfulness topic, guided meditation, and group discussion.  

Reconnecting with Nature

Day/Time: TBD

Facilitated by: TBD

Our lives have become increasingly disconnected from nature and therefore from ourselves since we are part of nature, which affects us in wide-ranging ways we are often unaware of. This group is for those that want to improve relaxation, focus, gratitude, motivation, self-understanding, vitality, hope, and overall well-being by walking near campus in the Arcata Community Forest with others while discussing the experience and how it relates to our individual mental health. We will be keeping the group to about 15 people, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing recommendations. For more information or to sign up, email CAPS. No prior contact with CAPS needed-- See you there. Rain or shine. 

Relationship Skills

This 4 week workshop covers the following topics: what we want in relationships, what is challenging, communication, agreements, hearing other's feelings and needs, apologies and forgiveness.  We will look at what we bring to relationships including our socialization, our role models (the relationships we saw growing up), and experienced trust, connection, and/or loss and separation.  We will look at ways to be allies to each other.  Individuals and couples are welcome.

  • Section 1: TBD
  • Section 2: TBD
  • Contact CAPS at 707.826.3236 to schedule an intake appointment.  Your intake clinician can refer you to the workshop.
  • Contact CAPS if you have questions or want to hear more.  

Skills for Life: a Brief DBT Skills Workshop

  • Day/Time: TBD.  Group duration is 4 weeks.  You can join the workshop on any week, as the 4 week series will repeat throughout the semester.  Let your intake clinician know if you are interested.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) seeks to help us build a “Life Worth Living.”  What is often in the way of building such a life is not having the skills to navigate the ups and downs that appear in every life.  Without those skills, we can find ourselves in crisis after crisis, feeling helpless and hopeless.  

In this brief workshop, you will gain some tools for tolerating distress, for regulating emotions, for effectively communicating with other people, and for increasing your own mindfulness.  This workshop is not the full DBT program, but it will give you a taste of DBT skills and how you can apply them in your life.

For more information about this workshop, contact CAPS.

Skillshops (through Humboldt Library)

Looking for something else?  Check out SKILLSHOPS through the Cal Poly Library.  There are great offerings on sleep, career planning, anxiety management, and more!


[These are groups you can simply "drop-in" on.  No need for prior CAPS contact.]

Breaking Isolation

Join in for a weekly zoom meeting and find support, connection and understanding in this time of social distancing.  This group is a "process group" with no agenda except being heard and listening to others.  It is meant to provide support to one another.  Who knows what you might find out about others and yourself?  For more information, contact CAPS.

  • Day/Time: TBD
  • Zoom link / location: contact CAPS

Café con Chisme (co-led by El Centro)

  • Day/Time: TBD, in person at El Centro (NHE 205)
  • Location: In person at El Centro (NHE 205)
  • Contact Gina Walker, or contact El Centro Académico Cultural at if you have any questions.  You can also follow El Centro on Instagram: @elcentrohsu

All are welcome! We discuss diverse topics, profession development, & share stories. 

Harm Reduction from Alcohol and Drugs

A supportive group where you can discuss your relationship with substances and discover strategies to make changes.

  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Contact CAPS for details, including location
  • Email humboldtcaps if you have any questions.

Men's Circle (hosted by Diverse Male Scholar Initiative)

DMSI’s Men’s Circles are intended to create a safe, welcoming space that allows self-identified men of color to explore and address barriers unique to our people. The facilitators have this to say, "We will process our experiences through healing and vulnerability. We will learn how to utilize our experiences in a manner that is healthy and productive to ourselves, community and broader society._

  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Join through Zoom.  Email or follow Instagram: @dmsi.humboldt

Parents and Other Caregivers of Children Support Group

Just like it sounds! A weekly support group for parents and others who are caregivers of children while enrolled as full-time students. Come every week or whenever you can (right?)!  No formal appointments required beforehand, but please contact Gina Walker to talk for a few minutes to express your interest before your first time joining us via Zoom.  Zoom link will be shared at that time.
  • Day/Time: TBD
  • Facilitators: Ginette Walker 

Trans Support

A group inclusive of all gender identities where people can get support, explore gender, and advocate for change on campus.

  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD 
  • Contact Lisa Turay if you have any questions

Umoja Center for Pan African Student Excellence (UC Pase) Talking Drum Circle

Student centered safe space that allows students to connect over issues most important to them; occasional guest faculty and staff speakers provide additional support and resources. (See flyer by clicking on group title above.)

  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Location:Email U Pase for information, or follow Instagram: @umojahsu for the most updated information.  


[Open groups require an initial meeting with the leader/s of that group; contact them if you have interest in joining.  Location and/or Zoom links will be provided once you are officially "signed up" for the group.]

Building Balance

Facilitators: TBD

Day/Time: Group requires referral from CAPS clinician

In this Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills group, you will learn and practice coping strategies to help you better manage your emotional health. It is more like a class than a therapy group. Topics include: mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. Each group session consists of a mindfulness exercise at the beginning, introduction of a new skill, discussion/experiential practice, and a skill to practice during the week on your own. This group requires a referral from a CAPS clinician and a group consult with one of the co-facilitators.  

Grief and Loss Support

Day/Time: Group will be offered if there is enough interest.  Please reach out to CAPS to be placed on an interest list.

Whether you have lost a parent, a friend, a sibling, or someone else... the loss can feel disorienting and even overwhelming. This 6-week group will provide a supportive environment in which to talk to about your loss with others who are also in the process of grieving and thus understand the pain that you are going through. Contact if interested in this group.

Managing Anxiety and Maximizing Wellness

Facilitator: Shane Calhoun

Day/Time: TBD

Ever wonder why your anxiety doesn’t seem to go away, and why those stress management strategies you read about don’t seem to work?  Come get a better understanding of what anxiety is and how you can begin the path to becoming a calm, worry-free person.  This group draws strategies for managing stress from a number of approaches including CBT, ACT, and exposure therapy to help tailor an anxiety management plan specifically to you to help you get unstuck and living more freely.  If you are open to challenging yourself, this group is designed to help you make changes that last. Contact Shane Calhoun if interested in this group.

Post-traumatic Growth

Facilitators: Jacqueline Mayrand 

Day/Time: TBD

Trauma affects us emotionally, spiritually, in our relations, and particularly, trauma affects how we feel in our bodies! This group will help you understand and identify your trauma-related responses, help you regulate impulsive and self-destructive behaviors, and modulate the highs and lows of your emotions and arousal. It will be a safe place to learn and to practice exercises that are designed to help you tolerate your own emotions and body experiences so that the past doesn’t control how you feel about the present.  Contact Jacqueline Mayrand if interested in this group.

Relating to Self & Others  

Facilitators:  TBD

Day/Time: TBD

Are you interested in deepening your connections as well as figuring out what gets in your way?  This group will help you to explore and strengthen how you relate to yourself and others in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  Process groups like this one are a great way to feel less alone, try on new ways of being, practice vulnerability, get new perspectives, decrease shame, give and receive support, and work through a variety of psychological challenges (including social anxiety).  With that said, you set your own goals for this group while receiving assistance with those goals from peers and a professional.  Contact CAPS if interested in this group.

Survive & Thrive: A Group for Survivors of Rape and/or Sexual Abuse

Facilitators: Jacqueline Mayrand 

Day/Time: TBD

Connect with others to know you are not alone. This group provides a safe, healing place to break the silence and move beyond secrecy, fear and shame.  If interested, call to arrange a group consult at 707-826-3236 or email the leaders of the group, Jacqueline Mayrand.  We also encourage you to utilize the services of our campus partners including the Campus Advocate Team - North Coast Rape Crisis Team (