Nature Bathing and Outdoor Events in Humboldt

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Nature bathing is the practice of surrounding oneself with, and becoming mindful of, the nature around you.  It caters to the five senses and has a powerful effect on the human mood, nervous system, and general wellbeing.  It has been shown to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, stimulate creativity, lower heart rate and blood pressure, boost the immune system and help one accelerate recovery from injury or illness.  These are all values we share at Humboldt and so have put together a few starting points for anyone wanting to incorporate the practice of forest bathing into their lifestyle.

Notable Trails

  • Arcata Community Forest Trails 1-19  (Less than a mile away from Humboldt)


  • Arcata Marsh (1.6 miles from Humboldt)


  • Fern Canyon (43.5 miles away from Humboldt)
  • Trinidad Head (15 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Agate Beach Trail (21 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Patrick’s Point Trail (20 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Russ Park, Ferndale (28 miles South of Humboldt)

○     “You can surround yourself in the solitude of a closed canopy forest with a nature hike in Russ Park, Ferndale's bird sanctuary. Russ Park is a 105-acre preserve located at the southern edge of Ferndale, with several miles of excellent trails that lead to Zipporah pond and views overlooking the Eel Valley.”

  • Lost Coast Trail (45 miles South of Humboldt)
  • Wedding Rock Trail (20 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Hammond Coastal Trail (5 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Hikshari Trail (12 miles South of Humboldt)
  • Sequoia Park and Zoo (9.5 miles South of Humboldt)
  • Headwaters Forest Reserve (13 miles South of Humboldt)

○     Elk River Road, Eureka, CA 95503

  • Patrick's Point State Park (20 miles from Humboldt)
  • Avenue of the Giants (55 miles south of Humboldt)

Notable Beaches

  • Trinidad State Beach (15 miles from Humboldt)

○     Address: 4150 Patricks Point Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570

○     Website:

  • Samoa Dunes Recreation Area (13 miles from Humboldt)
  • Moonstone Beach (11 miles North of Humboldt)
  • College Cove  (15 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Luffenholtz Beach Park (12 miles North of Humboldt)
  • Clam Beach (9 miles North of Humboldt)

Other Notable Activities, Events, and Resources

  • Humboldt Lagoons State Park

○     Rent a kayak, boat, or paddle board at the Humboldt Aquatic center!

  • Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center Rentals

○     “We've got kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards. Rent a boat and set on an adventure or let us teach you.”


  • Humboldt Botanical Gardens

○     Has a butterfly sanctuary!

  • PacOut Green Team

○     Approved to meet under Humboldt County and State guidelines

○     Clean up various hiking trails with other like-minded nature enthusiasts.

○     Meet every weekend for a single hour to clean up the beautiful beaches and trails in Humboldt.


  • Alltrails app;
  • North Coast Journal List of upcoming events


  • Lost Coast Outpost upcoming events


  • Humboldt AACAE events Black to the Land


  • Latino Outdoors


  • Fishing and crabbing in Eureka and Trinidad
  • Frisbee Golf (Less than a mile from Humboldt)
  • Eureka Scavenger Hunt (12$ per person)


  • Marble hunting

○     Search for hidden glass art and explore new trails

○     See Facebook Page: Humboldt Magical Glass Adventure

  • Humboldt Mycological Society

○     Field Trips monthly for mushroom identification


  • Whitewater Rafting in Humboldt


  • Locating one of the five protected albino redwood trees in Humboldt County (Locations unknown)
  • Skunk Train and Rail Bikes (141 miles South of Humboldt) ($$$)


  • Trees of Mystery
  • Arcata Farmers Market
  • Petrolia (56 miles South of Humboldt)

○     Pancake Breakfast (Sundays at the farmer’s market)

○     Black sand beaches, nature preserves, “under-developed and wild”

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Can't make it out into nature now? Check out this video which allows you to commune with nature right where you are...

Virtual Nature Bathing