Self Help Resources  Homesickness

  • Prezi on Homesickness: offers great information and advice. Once in the presentation, click on the "more" button and expand to "full screen." This presentation allows you to go at your own pace; click on the play button each time you wish to go forward. 

Got the Blues?

Missing home is normal and adjusting to a new environment takes time. Many others feel the same way when starting school away from home. Remember there are plenty of supports on campus to help you through the adjustment.

Tips for beating homesickness

  • Make Your New Room Feel Like Your Space: Favorite music and familiar things will help create a space that feels more like a comfortable home for you.
  • Establish Regular Eating And Sleeping Habits: Your body functions best with new stressors when it is rested and nourished. You can help by establishing a routine so your body will know when to be hungry or tired. Eat healthy meals most of the time. Junk food makes you feel more tired and irritable.
  • Make Plans To Go Out And Try New Things: The courage to try something new or to pick up an old interest in a new group may be uncomfortable at first but will likely pay off quickly. Use this opportunity to learn more about your interests.
  • Make Lunch And Dinner Dates With People You Would Like To Get To Know Better: Eating a meal together takes the strain off and allows the conversation to be more relaxed.
  • Know You Can Always Contact Friends And Family For Support And Encouragement: Contact them and let them know how things are going for you. Including them allows them to feel connected to you and confiding in them will probably help you feel better too.
  • Take One Day At A Time: The semester may seem long and the next visit home an eternity away, but today is the only one you must cope with now.
  • Talk to A Friend or Roommate: You will probably discover that you aren't the only one with the feelings you are having.
  • Talk to a CAPS Counselor If Things Do Not Get Better or If You Just Think It Might Help: Sooner rather than later is always best. Call 826-3236 to get information about setting up an appointment.

Self Help Resources  Homesickness