Workshops / Skillshops

Our single-session and multi-session workshops are offered throughout the year. Dates and locations are posted here. If you wish to request one of our single session workshops, outside of the schedule below (for example, for a classroom, meeting, or other pre-set gathering) we are happy to "bring the workshop to you"-- to make a request contact Elizabeth McCallion.  Please read carefully below to determine if you can simply "drop-in" to a workshop or might need to formally sign up or be referred.

Workshop Series

Defense against Distorted Thoughts… of Anxiety & Depression

Section 1

Facilitator: Lisa Turay

Day/Time: Tuesdays 11am-12 pm        

Section 2

Facilitator: Janiel Giraldo             

Day/Time: Fridays 2:30-3:30 pm   

Requires: a referral from a CAPS therapist (which can be through a Let's Talk, SST, or Intake appointment)

Would you like to learn how to make negative self-talk Riddikulus?  Would you like to learn how to disarm the impact of racing thoughts?   This 4 session workshop will focus on the negative thoughts (cognitions) often associated with anxiety and depression - offer rational comebacks, means of understanding and coping with anxiety and/or depression as well as ways to mitigate the most common symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

 Mental Health Toolbox (MHT) -- a 3 session workshop series

Facilitator: This group is offered throughout the semester and is facilitated by several different CAPS therapists 

Day/Time: There are several sections of this group.  Please call and we will find an upcoming start date that works for you (almost always within 1-3 weeks).  Content builds upon itself, so plan to come to all three sessions.

Requires: Call 826-3236 to sign up for the next opening that matches your schedule.

This workshop has consistently received great reviews from students.  Whether you want to learn how to work with difficult emotions, or enhance your Jedi-like mind skills, you will walk away with your own toolbox of thought exercises that will give you a better sense of your personal values and how you want to focus your energy.  Based on the "RIO" (Recognition, Insight, & Openness) workbook.  To sign up, call CAPS at 826-3236.

Relationships Skills

Section 1

Facilitator: Andrea de Cleyre

Day/Time: Wednesdays 11am -12:15 pm starting 2/12/20

Section 2

Facilitator: TBD

Day/Time: Tuesdays 3-4:15 pm starting 4/7/20

Requires: a referral from a CAPS therapist (which can be through a Let's Talk, SST, or Intake appointment)

We will be discussing what we want in relationships, and what is challenging. We will discuss communication, agreements, hearing each other’s feelings and needs, apologies and forgiveness. We will look at what we bring to relationships including our socialization, our role models (the relationships we saw growing up), and how we experienced trust, connection and/or loss and separation. We will look at ways to be allies to each other.

Individuals and couples welcome.

Trauma 101 -- a 3 session workshop series

FacilitatorElizabeth McCallion 

Day/Time: Mondays 2-3 pm.  Content builds upon itself, so come to all three sessions. 

Requires: a referral from a CAPS therapist (through intake, single session therapy, or let's talk session)

Trauma 101 is a group for students who have experienced a traumatic event and want additional tools to help them manage their trauma symptoms. The three sessions are divided into content that builds upon itself. Session 1 covers basic information about trauma, the fight/flight/freeze response, and an introduction to CBT. Session 2 focuses on strong emotions and students learn relaxation skills to practice at home. Session 3 focuses on avoidance and grounding techniques. Contact Elizabeth for information.

Single Session Workshops / Skillshops

For our single session workshops in the library, please sign up through skillshops (through the library's website).  For workshops held elsewhere, no sign-up necessary, just come!

A Good Night's Sleep


Sleep is essential to a healthy mind and body. In this Skillshop, you will learn about how lack of sleep can affect you, how much sleep you really need, and gain tips to improve your sleep habits. 

Basics of Mindfulness Meditation


In this easy introduction to mindfulness, you will learn some basic mindfulness meditation skills and briefly try them out in a fun, supportive setting. All levels of experience are welcome. The best time to start is the present!

Conflict Resolution 

Facilitators: TBD


​Do you find it hard to let others know what you want or need?  Do you find yourself getting irritated with others and holding your anger in or doing the opposite, and lashing out?  If so, you're not alone, and this Skillshop will teach you a few steps to get what you want while keeping your self-esteem and relationships intact.

Dare to Self-Care


What ruffles your feathers and makes it difficult to remain engaged with yourself, others, and the world? Come learn about yourself and what might increase your stress and leave with a self-care box/bag to help manage that stress.

Difficult Conversations


Do you avoid conflict?  Feel stuck or frozen when it’s time to let your needs be known?  Are you looking to just be a better communicator?  Whether it’s at home, work, or school, we all need to have difficult conversations sometimes.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and how.  The more intentional you are about these conversations, the more likely they will happen when and how you prefer.  The choice is yours!  

Exploration of Body Image


Do you want to be more positive about how you view your body and appearance?  Are you curious why so many people struggle with body image?  Come join us to learn ways to increase positive body image and explore the messages that teach us what “beauty” looks like.

5-minute Anxiety Busters

Facilitator: TBD

Pick a Date: TBD

Who doesn't get overwhelmed with anxiety now and then? Attendees will learn some easy to learn/easy to remember/easy to use yet surprisingly effective tips to help stop anxious thoughts from wrecking your mood!

Have the Best Seasonal Affect Ever!


Come to this workshop where you can learn possible ways to create the BEST seasonal affect EVER!

Learn How to Improve Your Social Skills and Boost Confidence

Facilitators: TBD

Upcoming: TBD

Want to learn how to win friends and influence others? Stop by and learn tips on how to improve your social skills and self-confidence!

Life Skills

Currently under contstruction (being moved from Moodle)  This is an on-line series featuring the following topics: stress less, manage your moods, communication and assertiveness, lifestyle choices (alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, bystander intervention, exercise, nutrition, sleep), social skills and intercultural awareness, money matters (financial management), and decision making. You can simply click the link above and self-enroll in the course. If you have any trouble with the link, just email us and we will sign you up. Go at your own pace. Complete only the topics that interest you in whatever order you like. No grades, no stress. Just lots of great information, tips, and resources.

Mind Over Mood

Facilitator: TBD

Upcoming: TBD 

Feeling stressed lately (or always)?  Join us as we learn and practice mindfulness meditation and relaxation skills in order to get off the emotional roller-coaster and feel more calm.

Relationships 101


We will be discussing what we want in relationships, and what is challenging.  We will discuss communication and agreements.  We will look at what we bring to relatinships including our socialization, and our role models.  We will look at ways to be allies to each other.

Stress Management

Facilitator: TBD

Upcoming: TBD

​We all have moments where life feels overwhelming, and many of us turn to unhealthy ways ways of coping (skipping classes, binge eating, Netflix marathon-ing, self-harming, excessively using alcohol or marijuana, etc.).  This Skillshop will help you create your own customized list of healthy alternative coping skills to get you through your next rough patch on the road of life.  

The Happy Map

Facilitator: Jen Sanford

Upcoming: TBD

Did you know the research suggests that 40% of our happiness is totally within our control? You will learn tools and techniques for reducing your stress, feeling more emotionally and socially balanced and connected, and having more moments of contentment as well as joy. Come figure out your own map to enriching your happiness and flourishing in life.


CAPS offers additional mental health related trainings and workshops throughout the year by request. Call CAPS to speak to the outreach coordinator if interested in learning more.

If you are ready to request a workshop or training, please fill out our Outreach Request Form and provide at least 3 weeks advance notice. Examples of past workshops and trainings: relaxation and stress management, mood management, navigating the transition to college, LGBTQ and coming out, suicide prevention, healthy communictaion, body image and eating, assertiveness, etc.

Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Resources offers several excellent trainings, particularly around suicide prevention, including QPR, ASSIST, and MHFA.  If interested, click HERE to explore.